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Just one conversation at a bar,
and look where we are now…

We’re a full-service, live experience design and production agency made up of industry experts.

Meet Our Leaders



Emily Fralinger

Chief Operating Officer

Shane Stanfa

Vice President of Experiential

Michael Phillips

Operations & Production


Special Events Producer


Office Dog/Moral Support

We’re event professionals through and through—and so much more than just the faces you see here. With every ICEBOX experience comes an army of seasoned producers, designers, builders, bartenders and more. Whether you need custom fabrication, help with festival concessions, a comprehensive beverage program or someone to pull off a year-long, on-the-road production, we have the people who have the skills.

A coast-to-coast operation with as much passion as we had on day one.

Our Roots

We started off a humble operation in Charleston, South Carolina, providing premium beverage services for a wide variety of events. After serving as a staple in the local and regional event scene for over a decade, we started learning a thing or two about what makes a memorable consumer experience. Before we knew it, we were giving the entire nation a reason to take notice.

Our Philosophy

Pulling off unforgettable experiences means having no fear when it comes to trying something new and different. Let us know what “new” looks like to you. We’ll help you design it, help you execute it, and then we’ll do it again and again. No experience is too big. No location is off limits. We do massive undertakings in our sleep.

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