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Landshark’s Unsinkable Beach Bar


The Challenge

To create a sand-sturdy beach bar for Landshark, with a wide open layout and a rooftop deck, that one person could haul with a Ford F-350 and set up alone.

The Solution

Our easy-haul rig is built on hydraulic axles that allow it to transform from transport to event mode by one person in less than 90 minutes. It stores everything from highboy tables and stools to 60 cases of Landshark on ice, and opens into an airy layout, with multiple bar services on both the ground level and rooftop.

The Result

This mobile monster is now months on the road and standing up to miles of sand. A beach brand that can finally go to the beach. Landshark is happy—so much so that we were asked to help run the experiences we helped build the unit for, putting our first-rate production and touring expertise to work.

case on ice
minute setup

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