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Walmart Joy Globes Cocoa Factory Challenge


The Challenge

Create a cocoa-on-draft system for the 10-day Walmart Joy Globes event in Frisco, Texas that dispensed hot cocoa to the masses, gave the illusion it was being made by a giant Cocoa Factory globe and met rigorous health and safety standards.

The Solution

We engineered an elaborate, nitrogen-enhanced system under the globe that kept the cocoa refrigerated at 32º F, yet served at 145º F, just as the health department asked. Pumped through three separate lines and 300 feet of stainless steel coil, then submerged in a hot water bath before reaching the tap handle, 40,000 cups of hot cocoa came out rich and creamy for 10 days straight. And it all looked like it was being made by the “factory” inside.

The Result

We met the tough health and safety standards of Walmart and overjoyed countless Joy Globe cocoa drinkers along the way. Our strong agency relationship with our partners, Momentum Worldwide, became even stronger. And we continue to geek out over our engineering invention, adding yet another success to our beverage production arsenal.

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