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The Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Camper


The Challenge

To build a branded mobile unit that can stand up to 50,000 miles of travel a year, through every climate imaginable, and be operable by a single person.

The Solution

We built a vintage camper from scratch, with every detail handcrafted to fit the brand’s zen, SoCal surfer vibe. There’s enough storage space to keep 54 cases of Michelob Ultra Pure Gold ice cold. And just one person can take the whole show on the road—from set-up to service, less than 30 minutes every time.

The Result

Now in its third year, The Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Camper is still on the road, making an impact. Still in good shape, still holding up. Happy with the result, our client immediately asked us to make a second camper. Now you can spot our work on the east and west coasts simultaneously.

Cases on ice
minute setup

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