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Tales of So Many Cocktails

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The Challenge

To show up year after year, representing the biggest brands in the game at the renowned five-day Tales of the Cocktail conference and festival in New Orleans.

The Solution

In 2014, after a casual conversation at a bar—and with just two weeks’ notice—we showed up in a box truck with fresh produce to juice, plus specialty ice and glassware, for William Grant & Sons. And then we were asked to come back. In 2016, we doubled our clients and quadrupled our experiences, and by 2017, we were cranking on a full-powered production lot that we created out of nothing. By 2019, we were working at a whole new level. We dialed in our process and procedure, and people not only noticed our work, but realized how exceptional and unique an ICEBOX production really is.

The Result

This is THE event for the cocktail industry, and we’ve touched almost every part of it for almost every portfolio in some impressive way. Our growth has turned us from a resource for the simple things, like ice and juice, to a trusted partner that’s now a part of the overall experiential strategy for the top beverage brands in the country.

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